We discover the Future of Ecommerce with The Sunday Times and Raconteur
27 September, 2022
Consumers demands are ever-changing and naturally, the Ecommerce landscape continues to adapt. TikTok Shop UK was featured in a report with Raconteur in The Sunday Times, exploring the potential of mobile commerce in emerging markets, the importance of end-to-end fulfilment and smart warehouse management and how etailers can thrive in this ramp up. Here are three key takeaways from the report:
Hello social commerce
For mobile commerce to continue to grow, brands need to take data, design and how consumers behave into consideration. The demand for having the entire shopping experience, from product discovery and research to checkout, taking place on social media means brands can take full advantage of social commerce. Enter TikTok Shop UK - where products can be showcased via regular and engaging stories, live streams, in-feed videos or product showcase tabs. Redefining the way brands communicate with customers has seen popular hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt do its rounds and so far it has been engaged with 21 billion times.
Patrick Nommensen, Senior Director of Ecommerce Operations at TikTok, says:
"It's been incredible to see how our community has embraced TikTok Shop here in the UK. We've seen big brands engage new audiences, smaller businesses build their livelihoods and products take off in a way that could only happen through social commerce, and on our platform."
Discovery becomes purchase
With TikTok dethroning Google as the world's most popular website, brands are diversifying their content by unlocking their potential on the platform as they continue to grow, reach new audiences and develop strong brand awareness in a short period of time. 79% of users discovered new brands through TikTok, highlighting how much trends born on TikTok have a huge impact on discoverability and overall business in the social commerce space. Etailers have the opportunity to simultaneously expand their customer base and boost sales, whilst participating in campaigns and promotions to develop fun and engaging content where their viewers can discover new products.
Creators, community and authenticity
The idea of leading with a community first approach means TikTok Shop UK becomes a place for brands to collaborate with creators who are experts within their community and therefore equipped to authentically speak on new products to increase value and trust among customers.
Having a dynamic customer connection at your fingertips is a hot commodity and TikTok Shop UK helps brands to acquire new customers, grow their revenue and develop deep personal engagement with customers through interactive and organic content.
"What we have found is that the content on TikTok that performs best is content that's real and most raw. For example, brands can very easily produce content as they are packaging orders or go to their warehouse"
PatrickPatrick Nommensen, Senior Director of Ecommerce Operations at TikTok
Find out more on how TikTokshop UK and other digital first brands are redefining the future of ecommerce. Read the full report here.
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