How Head To Bows Boutique achieved over 51K orders with TikTok Shop!
Success Stories
16 December, 2022
Head to Bows are a children's toys and accessories store that stock a wide range of products for a variety of different ages. They pride themselves on delivering high-quality products at an affordable price. The founder of Head to Bows was discovered during Facebook live streaming. With over 5 years of ecommerce experience, she instantly became popular with the TikTok community.
The Objective
To launch the Head To Bows brand on TikTok and increase their overall brand awareness.
The Solution
Head to Bows consulted with our TikTok Shop expert team to explore various LIVE times and formats until they found the schedules that worked best for their audience, now going LIVE 3 times a week. Being in the toy category, the team focused on a product first content approach, ensuring their Short Videos were engaging and demonstrated how to use the products. They also leveraged their newsletter and email database to redirect their loyal Facebook audience to their TikTok.
The Results
Head to bows metrics.png
Head to Bows Boutique has been one of our fastest selling toy merchants on TikTok Shop over the last year. The founder has gone viral being known as the ‘bag it lady’. Due to their engaging content, they have had a +50K increase in brand following. Over the year, their growth has seen an increase of over 800k in revenue, plus over 51K orders, even generating over £120k in October!
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