How Made by Mitchell and @melissaxjadexm's collab SOLD OUT on launch day! #AMatchMadeAtTikTokShop
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03 April, 2023
Melissa was huge fan of Made By Mitchell, one of her focuses as a top creator, was to create authentic content selling her favourite MBM products. Over the summer, her content received a lot of traction and the brand became aware of her. Brand and creator collaborations are encouraged by TikTok Shop, so when Mel was hosting a LIVE, Mitchell jumped on to acknowledge her and her work, over time an organic relationship formed and the rest is history!✨
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Within 6 months, Mel’s relationship with Mitchell evolved from TikTok besties supporting each others content to exclusive bundles and then an official product launch. This was a simple and authentic collaboration born out of TikTok Shop - A first of it's kind and life-changing opportunity testament to the power of TikTok Shop😍
As a brand we put huge focus on giving back to our community - this includes our followers, but also our creators community. So when the opportunity arose to work with Mel - we jumped at it. We chose Mellissa because she aligns so closely to the brand's values; she's bold, creative & authentically herself.
Mitchell Halliday, Made by Mitchell, Founder
The Solution - 'Zero to One'
MBM and Mel worked with our TikTok Shop team to create a dedicated content first plan that combined organic content and creator collaboration. With the product being available exclusively on TikTok Shop, the initial pre-heat period started with a series of teaser videos, followed up with shoppable videos, very native to TikTok.
The launch focused on a 2 hour duel livestream on both the official MBM and Mel's TikTok accounts. This approach mirrored what both Mel and MBM were already doing authentically and was further amplified through leveraging our Affiliate Program. They launched on open plan to maximise the affiliate model and work with a variety of creators who could create a buzz.
The Results
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This TikTok Shop born partnership resulted in both accounts seeing an increase in organic follower growth with 50k LIVE views combined. LIVE engagement levels saw an impressive 712k likes and 12k comments. They received 2.4M product views and had a 77% CTR. This was a very successful launch with the LIVE seeing 513k impressions and a 100% sell out rate with the product even going viral! Volume 2 of Collaboration is launching soon... MBM are now looking for next gen creators to collaborate with on a collection!
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