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06 April, 2023
EGO is a fast fashion retailer that focuses on delivering designer inspired items from the runway. They built their success via social media and as a result, affiliate marketing has been their bread and butter with influencer marketing playing a big part of their brand's identity. After hearing about TikTok Shops Affiliate platform, they were eager see what kind of success they could find with it.
The Challenge
When they first started using TikTok Shop's Affiliate platform, they approached it like they had traditionally approached affiliate marketing; carefully identifying creators that fit their brand image and only providing gifts or samples to creators who had a follower base that was large enough. However, they realised that creators with smaller follower counts that vaguely met their criteria (i,e interested in Fashion) were equally successful at generating sales.
The Solution
EGO worked with our expert team to adapt their strategy and leveraged the Affiliate Marketplace to to reach out to creators for collaborations. The convenience of how easy it was to search TikTok Shop's database for Creators, impressed them. The filters helped them save a lot of time looking for creators and exposed them to higher volumes of creator profiles that they never would have been able to find organically.
The Results
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Since working with Creators via TikTok Shop's Affiliate platform, EGO has been able to drastically increase their revenue coming from social channels. They increased their revenue 10x and the number of orders from TikTok Shop increased 156x. On top of that, thanks to their collaboration with creators at scale, the amount of content created with their products linked increased 215x.
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