Discover, Sell, Grow at our first ever UK digital seller summit on June 15th!
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22 May, 2023
Tap into the world of Shoppertainment at our digital event!
Ready to level up your online selling game? Then join TikTok Shop UK, on June 15th, 1pm GMT, at our first-ever digital seller summit - Discover, Sell, Grow 2023.
With tips, tricks and insights on becoming a TikTok selling pro, our experts will show you how to tap into the community and turn them into customers – all in one unmissable afternoon!
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Register now to learn all about how Shoppertainment is reinventing ecommerce. Get advice on setting up shop, creating shoppable short videos and LIVEs. Learn how to build your community, create TikTok Shop ads and put together the perfect creator collabs. Plus hear personal success stories from leading sellers.
How Shoppertainment is the rebirth of e-commerce.
More than 4 in 5 daily TikTok users have now engaged in ecommerce (Source: TikTok Marketing Science Global Shopping Ad Products Study 2022 (UK Results) conducted by Material February 2022 (n=1,237). Why? Because TikTok Shop UK blends content, creators, and commerce to create 'Shoppertainment', adding a new dimension in relatability, with sellers slaying sales and high street brands left chasing their tails. The #Tiktokmakemebuyit phenomenon alone is generating billions of views and fuelling major sales. For instance, TikTok users are 62% more likely than those on other platforms to convince someone to buy a product (Source: TikTok Marketing Science Global Retail Path to Purchase (UK Results) conducted by Material August 2021 (n=1,601), and half of all users now open to making purchases directly from TikTok Shop.
You don’t need thousands of followers to be successful; just the right products and a community to share it with! TikTok Shop makes it easy, allowing sellers to manage their entire selling process within the app, offering a simple all-in-one platform to turn passions into profits.
Unlike traditional selling environments and ecommerce platforms, TikTok sellers aren’t preaching from pedestals of perfection. Instead, these people share their enthusiasm for products in LIVES, where viewers can ask questions there and then. This real time interaction inspires more than 1 in 4 users to buy in the moment (Source: TikTok Marketing Science Global Growing TikTok in eCommerce Study (UK Results) 2022 conducted by Material May 2022 (n=549). And with so many creator communities to follow, across Fashion, Beauty, Tech, Hospitality & Leisure, FMCG, Books, Parent & Baby and Collectibles, there’s a place for everyone to channel their passions and share new products. In fact, 43% of social/video platform UK users have been inspired by their favourite creators and influencers to purchase a product (Source: TikTok Marketing Science Global Creators Like Me Study 2021 (UK Results) conducted by Hotspex (n=1,013).
TikTok sellers have changed the game by keeping it real, showing their products in action from their bedrooms, potting sheds and kitchens, sharing their passions in ways we can relate to. It’s a different world to traditional product ads, taking us straight to the good stuff – UK TikTok users are 50% more likely to immediately shop on impulse than on other platforms (Source: TikTok Marketing Science Global Retail Path to Purchase (UK Results) conducted by Material August 2021 (n=1,601).
Get the formula right on TikTok Shop and your products can go viral, generating additional interest that can last for weeks after a launch. We’ll show you how. Whatever your passion, there’s a hungry audience for the products you love on TikTok Shop UK. So join us on June 15th to discover all the hacks you need to get organised in propelling your products and brands to viral status.
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