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27 June, 2023
3 Top Tips to Wow the FashionTok Community
With #fashion on 285B views, it’s safe to say the fabulous FashionTok community has a lot to offer. From luxury retail hauls to ‘get ready with me’ (#GRWM) videos or viral booty-enhancing TikTok leggings, they just can’t get enough. But how can you tap into this audience and stand out on this virtual catwalk? Here’s how some TikTok faves have worked with TikTok Shop to strut their stuff and build a connection with the FashionTok community.
#1: Find your Target Audience 🕵️
Sumayah Saadi started her modest fashion business 'SUMAYAH' while at university in 2021, launched her brand on TikTok Shop in 2022 and is now the leading modest fashion brand in the UK.
Knowing who will love your product is a major asset because it helps you find your target audience and which creators best fit your brand. SUMAYAH has had great success with Shoppable LIVE Videos, going from making £500 in 30 minutes to £50,000 in just 2 hours. A major factor in her Black Friday campaign in collaboration with TikTok Shop was running targeted Ads and Shoppable Short Videos alongside LIVE sessions. Targeted Ads help raise awareness for your brand within your ideal audience, driving traffic to your page at key moments during your campaign. After a revenue uplift of more than 225% and a completed order uplift of more than 238%, SUMAYAH will continue to include targeted ads in her TikTok Shop campaigns moving forward. SUMAYAH is a great example of how to use all that TikTok Shop has to offer. LIVEs allow you to connect and interact with your audience in a more personal way and showcase your products live, allowing users to shop directly in the app, while targeted ads help you identify your audience and drive them to your page.
#2: Collaborate 👯
At TikTok, we’re all about building connections. Many brands have had great success by working with influencers to promote their products. To facilitate collaborations between brands and TikTok creators, TikTok Shop offers an affiliate program to help brands and creators find each other. Rebellious Fashion was eager to test out our affiliate program for their overall strategy. This involved making their products available for all creators to promote without restrictions, thereby setting up as an Open Plan on TikTok Shop. The beauty of this strategy is it allows brands to track performance and sales, so they can better identify their target audience and find out which creators resonated best with that audience. By working with TikTok Shop Affiliate, Rebellious Fashion’s sales increased by x45 in just 3 months. Collaborations like these can be highly beneficial to both brands and creators and is a strategy we always encourage.
#3: Create Exclusivity ✨
Exclusivity sells. Who doesn’t want first pick of a new fashion range? Exactly. That’s why many brands are giving the FashionTok community exclusive early access to new products through TikTok Shop. When Public Desire were set to Launch their new collection with sister brand Kaiia, they gave TikTok users exclusive early access to their collection on TikTok Shop 24 hours before it was available on their own website. In collaboration with popular content creators The McLoughin Girls, they launched the collection in a Shoppable LIVE Video, allowing their audience to purchase their line directly in the app during their livestream. After surpassing their target sales by over 128%, gaining over 2K followers organically and selling out 97% of the products in their collection, it’s safe to say this strategy paid off. From early access to promotions, giving the FashionTok community exclusive perks is an effective way to build a connection and raise awareness for your brand.
Bonus tip: make use of hashtags!
Here are some of the top-performing hashtags to tap into the TikTok fashion community - all year round 😍
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