The Power of TikTok Shop Affiliates: How Stronglife achieved 9030% sales growth πŸš€
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21 July, 2023
The Objective​
Stronglife is a chill brand that sells CBD-infused products. After freshly launching at TikTok Shop, Stronglife were ready to make their mark.​
The Strategy​
Thanks to TikTok Shop's Affiliate Marketing Program, Stronglife was able to partner with great TikTok creators.​
They took a proactive, dedicated approach to their collaboration with creators by providing incentives, content tips and motivational success stories. Substance was important to their content strategy, so they partnered with creators who make informative, personalised content leading to optimal results.​
The Results​
Stronglife achieved a remarkable 9030% sales growth by using an innovative Open Plan. They offered content creators 15-20% sales commission and free samples, fostering momentum with proactive daily outreach to 30 new creators via Affiliate Centre Instant Messaging. As a newly-launched brand on TikTok Shop, 75% of their sales came through successful collaboration with content creators. Needless to say, this was a hugely successful campaign.​
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