How Levitex achieved Β£12K in one month with Self-Created Educational Videos and Lives πŸ“ΉπŸš€
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31 August, 2023
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How often have you woken up with back and or neck pain? If this sounds familiar, you may be sleeping in the wrong positions. Enter Levitex, creators of pillows clinically designed by experts to help improve sleep posture and prevent neck and back problems.​
The Objective​
Levitex joined TikTok Shop hoping to reach a new audience and boost awareness and sales for their clinically designed pillows.​
The Solution​
Their primary content strategy was leveraging TikTok Shop Shoppable Short Videos as part of their educational content strategy, raising awareness about the dangers of bad sleep posture and the solution they have with their pillows. In addition to their educational videos, Levitex did LIVEs to communicate with potential customers in real time. They also offered a special discount of Β£10 during each LIVE to encourage their audience to buy directly from TikTok Shop.​
The Results​
Their relatable and educational content built a sturdy follower base of 475K on TikTok Shop, and they achieved Β£12K in sales in just one month, mostly generated through their LIVEs.​
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