Caudalie & @Ameliaolivia Team Up and Sell Out in Under 2 Hours! 🀩🀝
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12 October, 2023
Background ​
Caudalie have been around since 1995, gracing our faces with fabulous skincare products based on Vinotherapy, harnessing the power of grapeseed. They joined TikTok Shop in mid-July, teaming up with multiple top creators, but the star of their launch was none other than @AmeliaOlivia, and their strategy couldn't have gone better.​
The Objective ​
Like most brands new on TikTok Shop, Caudalie were hoping to raise awareness for their presence on Tiktok Shop and boost sales.​
The solution ​
Their launch strategy and collaboration with AmeliaOlivia consisted of two phases. In July, she posted one Shoppable Short Video and hosted one LIVE, getting viewers excited for the brand launch. In August, they took this collaboration to the next level by launching the TikTok Shop exclusive 'Caudalie - The Glow edit By Amelia Olivia' a limited edition beauty edit. AmeliaOlivia launched the skincare kit on her page with a preheat Short Video, a Shoppable Short Video and a Shoppable LIVE. ​
A few days later, they announced 'Caudalie - The Detox Duo By Amelia Olivia'. After the initial announcement, the Detox Duo became available for all creators to sell.​
The results​
To say this launch was successful would be the understatement of the year! 'Caudalie - The Glow edit By Amelia Olivia' sold out in just over 1 hour during Amelia’s Shoppable LIVE and has generated a 170% sales uplift 5 weeks post launch. Working with creators had a huge advantage for Caudalie, with their uplift in affiliate sales reaching 151% 5 weeks post launch. ​
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