How Suntory worked with Rex Brown to launch Lucozade, Ribena and Orangina on TikTok Shop πŸ‘πŸ§ƒ
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12 October, 2023
Suntory are the parent company of some your favourite household brands like Ribena, Lucozade and Orangina to name a few. They have been working with TikTok Shop Partners (TSP) Rex Brown and Rex Studios to build out their UK TikTok Shop offering. ​
The Objective​
Suntory were looking to enhance their overall brand presence through showcasing their product range on their account which was managed by Rex Brown and Rex Studios. The goal was to increase brand visibility, audience engagement, and sales revenue. This initital rollout would lay the groundwork to further their TikTok Shop proposition.​
The Solution​
Suntory worked closely with the Rex Brown team to build an account that can authentically serve the TikTok community leveraging the TikTok Shop affiliate marketplace for creator collaborations. They also focused on strengthening their presence and brand awareness by hosting weekly interactive LIVE sessions and creating engaging Shoppable Short video content.​
The Results​
Suntory Drinks Channel has organically reached over 16K followers. With a monthly average of 13 Million product impressions and 15K videos being created throughout affiliate. The account has grown from strength to strength and the Rex Brown, Suntory partnership will continue building on this success, growing their overall presence on TikTok Shop.​
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