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16 October, 2023
Once those pumpkin lattes start flowing at the end of summer, it's official: spooky season is upon us. For Autumn lovers, it's a magical time when shop-windows, sweet ailes and FYPs are full of the Halloween spirit. With #Halloween at 185B views and #spookyseason at 19B views, this can be a great opportunity for many sellers and creators to stand out on TikTok Shop. So, let's look at the top hashtags and trends on the spooky side of TikTok.​
🎨 Halloween MakeUp ​
With 12B views and counting, #HalloweenMakeUp is one of the top performing hashtags during spooky season. From simple to elaborate makeup ideas, there is a huge demand for Halloween inspiration. This can be a good time for makeup brands to run a campaign on TikTok Shop and collaborate with creators. From special Halloween bundles and limited edition products to Halloween makeup suggestions and tutorials, the possibilities for strong content are endless. ​
πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈ Halloween Costumes​
Close behind with a whopping 11B views, we have #HalloweenCostume. The side of TikTok, filled with great costume ideas, from quick and easy to stunningly realistic. If you're a costume shop, this is obviously a great time for you, but it's also a unique opportunity for fashion brands to strut their stuff. Many costume videos on TikTok involve everyday clothes combined into a Halloween costume. Do you have classic white shirts and black jumpers for a convincing Wednesday Addams look? Or a stunning pink collection for the Barbies and Kens this Halloween? This can be a good selling point for people who don't want to buy a costume they'll only wear once. For brands that do a special Halloween collection that isn't necessarily fit for costumes (think Jack O Lantern themed pyjamas and such), you can add #HalloweenOutfit to your post, which has an impressive 235M views.​
πŸ‘» Halloween Decorations​
Whether you're in the home & living business or arts and crafts, Halloween is a good time for both, with #halloweendecorations trending with 1B views. Content includes tutorials on how to make your own decorations, as well as inspiration for decorating with store bought Halloween hauls.​
πŸŽƒ Halloween Recipes ​
Halloween is a time for sugary treats, and with 108M views, it's safe to say there's an audience for #halloweenrecipes. Many videos consist of creative Halloween themed deserts and a tutorial on how to make them yourself. This corner of #SpookyTok can be a great space for promoting sweets, baked goods, and related content like cake mixes. Ideally make it on topic by having seasonal products or finding a creative way of integrating your product into a Halloween recipe. ​
πŸ•·οΈ Bonus Tip - spooky SZN sounds ​
Add Halloween themed viral sounds to your post. This is an easy tip that applies to anyone looking to jump on the Halloween trends during #spookySZN (3B views). Popular Halloween sounds range from classic songs like Monster Mash, Thriller, or Spooky Scary Skeletons, but also include lines from famous horror movies like Scream. Even if your content doesn't fall under the above mentioned categories, adding a viral Halloween sound or jumping on a Halloween trend can be a good way to join the spooky season fun!​
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