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25 October, 2023
Treat Kitchen sell delicious sweets and edible gifts. They went from a brick and mortar store to joining TikTok Shop and have seen incredible growth by building a community through engaging content.​
The objective​
Having created such a loyal community, Treat Kitchen were eager to keep their audience engaged, continue to raise awareness and sales for their shop, and optimise their shoppable LIVE performance.​
The Solution​
Treat Kitchen did at least one LIVE per day to figure out which approach worked best for them, eventually landing on having two presenters in each LIVE and going for a more natural, less sales approach. They consistently gave their audience a reason to tune into their LIVEs. From quizzes and fortfeits to giveaways and flash deals, Treat Kitchen were sure to keep their audience engaged. These rewards were granted to their audience whenever they reached a specified "like" goal. During a 24h LIVE, they actually achieved a whopping 300k likes.​
The Results​
Their LIVE strategy totally paid off with a 3K follower increase between April and June, Β£10K generated in monthly sales, 80% of which was thanks to their self LIVEs.​
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