How Sugar Island Clothing won over their target audience by using Video Shopping Ads
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08 December, 2023
UK-based fashion brand Sugar Island Clothing was founded in 2018 by Rhianna Powell. Her goal was to create a boutique that would encourage women to embrace their individuality by providing them with truly unique pieces.
The Objective
In order to boost early summer sales, Rhianna wanted a solution that would help drive online purchases in an effective and engaging way. The primary goal of this three-month campaign was to improve ROAS and drive sales amongst a female audience over the age over 18, based in the UK.
The Solution
To showcase their latest items and improve conversions, Sugar Island Clothing leveraged Video Shopping Ads via TikTok Shop. This solution enabled them to reach a wider audience by benchmarking competitors closely and identifying trending hashtags.
Coupling Video Shopping Ads alongside popular content enjoyed by women enabled the fashion brand to engage more effectively with its target audience. Leveraging objectives such as Custom and Lookalike Audiences added further value, improving their retargeting efforts and conversion rates.
The Results
Sugar Island performance.png
sugar island quote.png
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