Why TikTok Shop’s Pre-order Feature Was a Gamechanger for Lancashire Lamb Boxes πŸš€
Success Stories
21 December, 2023
The Backstory​
After moving to Lancashire from Sussex to expand and diversify their flock, British Farmer couple Eden and John founded Lancashire Lamb Boxes. They pride themselves on their premium quality beef, lamb, mutton, and pork, but unfortunately, they struggle to make ends meet. They joined TikTok to help raise awareness for the lack of support UK farmers receive from National Supermarkets, who often import meat from abroad instead of sourcing it locally. What followed was life-changing support from TikTok Shop over Black Friday, resulting in an overnight sell-out.​
The Objective​
Lancashire Lamb Boxes' priority was to raise awareness for British farmers and connect with the public. Thanks to TikTok Shop's unique features such as Short Videos and LIVEs Eden and John were able to share their story and communicate directly with potential customers, creating an understanding of where their produce comes from.​
The Strategy​
Prior to Black Friday, TikTok Shop worked hard to provide Lancashire Lamb Boxes with access to the new pre-order feature, allowing them to take orders 14 days in advance and increase their stock levels, removing limitations. Eden and John posted consistent Short Videos and gave a 6-hour long LIVE where they engaged with customers and converted sales with their educational content as well as flash sales and vouchers.​
The Results​
Getting access to the pre-order feature combined with Lancashire Lamb Boxes' consistent content posting resulted in an unprecedented 503% increase in sales, with a whopping $11K generated in their LIVE alone. Eden and John are overjoyed with these results and have put their profits to good use, paying rent on their farm!​
This campaign was also a massive success for the fresh and frozen category on TikTok Shop, as this was the first time a seller in this category was at the top of the leaderboards. This success story will allow this category to develop and thrive in the future.​
"TikTok has taken our business from selling 3-6 meat boxes a month to now doing 100+ a week allowing us to invest back into the farm. We sell all our meat to the public now, and due to the growth we have seen, we are able to support other local farmers by buying their produce too." - Eden (owner and farmer) of Lancashire Lamb Box's​