How Our Affiliate Program Helped H2B Generate Over $300K in One Month! ⚡️
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12 January, 2024
Who are H2B Toys?
Heads to Bows Boutique sells toys and joined TikTok Shop in May 2021 with a vision of making shopping for kids fun and affordable. Starting out as a small business doing LIVEs from her living room, H2B founder Charlene couldn't have imagined her shop would grow so fast, with a 300% increase in sales.
How did H2B achieve this?
Collaboration was key to H2B's success story. Thanks to our affiliate program, H2B was introduced to 91 potential creators and fully supported throughout the process of reaching out and collaborating. Together with H2B, we created a championship with attractive prizes, as well as sample vouchers to entice creators to join the collaboration. As part of the Affiliate strategy, H2B made a product list and Affiliate link for creators to use in their content. We also created a seller-creator-community on Lark with 58 members, ensuring creators participating in H2B's Affiliate Program had access to support and technical assistance.
Did their strategy pay off?
After working with the TikTok Shop affiliate program from September 8th to October 8th, H2B delivered more than $300K in sales, a 118% uplift from the month before. Affiliate-specific stats show that H2B generated over $100K through creators during this period vs $2704 the month before working with our affiliate program, which is a 4804% increase. In fact, from September 8th to October 8th, 40.23% of their total sales were created by affiliate marketing, meaning a boost of 2160% compared to the previous sales of 1.8%.
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