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19 January, 2024
Background ​
Danielle Gregory and Samantha Allen started Doll Beauty in 2016 with just a small collection of lashes that were an instant hit, and the rest is history. Now you can get their vast collection of products from places like Boots, asos, Harvy Nichols, and since January 2023, from TikTok Shop!​
The Objective ​
Doll Beauty was looking to boost their presence on TikTok Shop to help raise awareness for their products and increase sales.​
The Solution ​
They decided to up their LIVE game by going from 1-2 LIVEs per week to a whopping 3-5! They experimented with different timings and content types to perfect their strategy. Their content included Mystery Box specials, behind-the-scenes footage and educational makeup sessions with the Doll team using their latest products. ​
Doll Beauty kept their audience engaged by interacting with them in an engaging and entertaining way and used these LIVEs to share news, host giveaways and offer exclusive deals for the duration of their LIVE.​
Doll Beauty also posted short videos to promote their LIVEs, and share the latest news and updates on their products.​
The Results ​
Doll Beauty's consistency paid off with a month-on-month increase of Self-LIVE sales by over 114% and a total month-on-month sales growth of over 80%!​
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