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23 January, 2024
Our local Creator Agency Partner (CAP) Grail reached a record-breaking $2M in just one month throughout November 2023. A key factor to their success was their strategy during the Black Friday period. So, let's take a look at some of their proven strategies that you can implement all year round for great results.​
  1. Partnering with the Right Creators​
Through the TikTok Shop Partner Centre, Grail were able to strategically review their creator's data and performance to identify highly engaged and strong GMV driving creators in their roster to work with on detailed strategies.​
  1. Tap into Short Videos ​
Grail focused on Short Videos to drive sales during Black Friday and created detailed product and Short Video strategies for their top creators. All Short Videos were planned in advance, and Grail set goals for the amount of content they wanted to post during the campaign period. Planning content in advance allows creators to pre-film content in batches so they can stick with the schedule and allows them to receive content samples on time.​
  1. Stay on Top of Trends ​
Viral products can be unpredictable throughout campaigns as they can be driven by viral content and/or last minute promotions from brands. Adapting and reacting to these key moments can maximise opportunity and drive higher GMV. Grail paid close attention throughout their campaign period and adapted quickly to insights provided by their CAP POC on viral videos and products in order to create more content and drive higher GMV through particular products, merchants, or promotions whenever an opportunity was identified.​
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