How TikTok Shop Made Doug’s Vintage Pokemon the Go-to Store for UK Collectors πŸŽ‰
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24 January, 2024
The Backstory​
Doug's Vintage Pokemon sells vintage Pokemon cards and is run by Doug, a passionate Pokemon enthusiast dedicated to sharing his vast knowledge.​
The Objective ​
Doug was keen to establish Doug's Vintage Pokemon as the go-to store for vintage Pokemon cards on TikTok Shop. In order to achieve this goal, he had to connect with the right audience.​
The Strategy​
TikTok enabled Doug to gain visibility and share his expertise while building a like-minded community. Doug loves going LIVE on TikTok, so he focused on a consistent livestream strategy. He took a unique approach to his LIVEs by ripping into the vintage Pokemon cards so his viewers could see which cards they had bought before he shipped them. This sales method is known as 'rip and ship' in the card collector community.​
The Results​
His consistency, great attitude, and extensive knowledge sparked incredible growth. In just two months, Doug had +40K Video Views and generated over $50K in revenue, with one single LIVE achieving a whopping +15K in the process. ​
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