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01 February, 2024
V-Day is fast approaching, so it's time to get your content strategy ready for this annual e-commerce opportunity! Whether you're a brand, seller, or creator, we're here to help you optimise your Shoppable Videos and LIVEs to maximise your visibility in the community during our Valentine's Day Sale period. First things first: which content arch works for you?​
Here are our top five favourite Valentine's Day content arches:​
🌹 Romantic ​
This is the classic V-Day content arch focusing on couples and hopeless romance. From the perfect gift and/or date ideas to the best outfit and makeup suggestions, there are plenty of ways to put a romantic twist on your content.​
πŸ₯° Self Love​
Who needs Valentine's Day when you're living your best single life? This content arch focuses on self-love and self-care. Think 'be your own Valentine' and 'treat yourself'. We're living in the healing, selfcare and mental wellness era. ​
πŸ₯‚ Galentine's ​
This content arch focuses on Valentine's Day as an opportunity to celebrate with your best friends and show appreciation for those special bonds and non-romantic soulmates. Think girl's night in/out, sleepovers, game nights. Great for fashion, beauty, hostess with the mostess and of course food-related content.​
🍭 Sweet Treats ​
Ideal for brands, sellers, and creators who specialise in tasty treats, this arch focuses on arguably the best part of Valentine's Day: everything sweet! This is a great opportunity to bring out seasonal specials like Valentine's inspired pick & mix, heart-shaped donuts and specials for two etc.​
Suggested hashtags: #sweettreats, #bakes, #picknmix, #candy, #sweets etc.​
πŸ’ Gift Giving ​
This content arch focuses on Valentine's gift-giving in general, so it can cover all types of relationships, from romantic love to family love to BFF love and even pet love. Ideal for content such as gift guides and unboxing videos.​
Suggested hashtags: #valentinesgift, #vdaygifts, #giftguide, #gifting, #unboxing etc.​
With so many opportunities to create engaging content, why not explore one or two of these content approaches, pairing #valentines with some of our suggested hashtags to get on the right FYPs. ​
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