How Bargain Grabs Achieved $500K+ in Sales in Just 3 Months πŸš€
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22 February, 2024
Bargain Grabs are known for selling food and beverages in bulk. Their business started as a side hustle for founders Josh and Alex, who have known each other since primary school. Josh had a background in tech, Alex had 11 years experience in retail management, and together they were interested in branching out and moving away from the standard 9-5 lifestyle. By 2023, their side hustle became their full-time job!​
The Objective​
As a fairly well-established and successful e-commerce business, Bargain Grabs was initially just interested in trying their luck on TikTok Shop and hoping for a few extra orders alongside their existing sales channels leading up to Christmas. Their expectations weren't too high as they thought going viral on TikTok Shop was unlikely, but they were in for a big surprise.​
The Strategy​
As they didn't have content background, with personalised support from their account manager, they focused their strategy on affiliate marketing by leveraging and trusting the expertise of the current TikTok Shop content creators through competitive commissions and championships to drive participation and keep the creators engaged with the brand. ​
The Results​
Bargain Grabs' launch on TikTok Shop surpassed all expectations, and their incredible success meant they had to hire more staff to keep up with the demand. They achieved $500K+ in revenue in just three months, making them the top seller in food and beverages for revenue and affiliate marketing. TikTok Shop has now become an invaluable part of their business and the Bargain Grabs team hopes to expand into other product categories and become an important part of TikTok users' weekly shop.​
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