Why Joining FBT was the right move for Go.G.G FashionπŸ§₯
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27 March, 2024
Background ​
Go.G.G Fashion is best known for their stylish and cozy puffer jackets. When they first joined TikTok Shop, their end-to-end lead time for order fulfillment was an inconvenient average of 103 hours. Hoping to improve their fulfillment performance fast and having faced challenges with courier services, they decided to give FBT a go. ​
The Solution ​
FBT is an order fulfillment service for TikTok Shop sellers that manages everything from storage to shipping goods, allowing sellers to focus their attention on expanding their business and creating great content. By joining FBT, Go.G.G Fashion were able to significantly reduce shipping time, scale their business, and fulfill more orders in less time while saving cost and effort.​
The Results ​
After just 3 months of switching to FBT, Go.G.G Fashion's monthly order volume increased by 135%, and their shipping lead time decreased by 64%! With stats like that, it's safe to say FBT was the right choice for them.​
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