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08 April, 2024
Warrior is one of the fastest-growing sports nutrition brands in the UK, selling highly popular protein bars, protein powders, and supplements. After experiencing rapid growth in 2023, Warrior turned to TikTok Shop to take their brand to the next level and reach an audience far beyond their regular consumer.​
The Objective​
Warrior was eager to establish a brand presence on TikTok Shop by tapping into the fitness-conscious community and engaging with a younger, digitally-savvy audience.​
The Strategy​
Knowing creators would be crucial to the brand's success on TikTok Shop; they founded the Warrior Creator Community. The Warrior team worked closely with their creators to drive interest in their product range with fun and informal content native to TikTok. Weekly livestreams played a vital role in their content strategy, as they allowed the brand to interact with their audience in real time, build excitement, and drive engagement. ​
The Results​
With over $1m of revenue generated in a four month period (70% via affiliate) the Warrior CRUNCH protein bar was quickly named a viral product. 27,000 bars were sold through the Warrior TikTok Shop and the quality of the product spoke for itself – generating an average review score of 4.7 stars. ​
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