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01 May, 2024
We're thrilled to announce the launch of our "Preowned Luxury" category! Users can now browse and purchase authentic luxury fashion straight from their FYP. #TikTokFashion already boasts over 10 million posts, and we're excited to see how this new category will be welcomed by the community. With #prelovedfashion already trending on TikTok, this is a great opportunity for preloved fashion brands to reach a whole new audience. All retailers in this category have their own approved methods of authenticating products to ensure our users get the real deal.
Here's what TikTok Shop's Head of Operations said about the launch:
So, let's meet the preowned luxury brands now available on TikTok Shop!
Ben and Joe Gallager founded Luxe Collective after amassing a huge following on TikTok with their content on designer items and news. The brothers also recently secured a £100K investment from Steven Barlett on Dragon's Den.
Ben, Founder and CEO of Luxe Collective
Sellier is the UK’s fastest-growing resale platform for luxury superbrands, specialising in rare and curated collections, including classic brands like Chanel, Hermes, and Dior. Selliers retails via physical stores in Monaco and London’s Knightsbridge and Belgravia, as well as direct-to-consumer e-commerce sites and apps.
Co-founder & CEO of Sellier, Hanushka Toni
Sign of the Times was established as a brick-and-mortar store in 1976 and has recently found great success on TikTok, generating over 2.7 million likes. The TikTok community flocks to Sign of The Times for a mix of insightful and funny fashion content.
Affectionately known as HEWI, this family-founded premier luxury marketplace offers a curated selection of pre-loved designer fashion and accessories. Their goal is to facilitate a sustainable approach to luxury, empowering consumers to buy and sell high-end items with confidence and ease.
Founded in 2022 by 19-year-old Gabriel Rylka, Break. Archive puts a Gen-Z spin on pre-loved luxury.
They focus on discovering elusive and exclusive vintage designer treasures, presenting a meticulously curated selection of vintage pieces unlike any other. Their commitment to providing customers with authentic items in impeccable condition at the best price makes Break. Archive is an ideal source to help users enhance their collections.
Gabriel, Break.Archive Founder
Ready to browse for some vintage gems? Take a look at our preowned luxury category on TikTok Shop today!
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