Forever Sundays skyrockets on TikTok Shop with E-commsult!
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16 May, 2024
E-commsult works with brands with high growth potential, helping them define, build, and scale their approach to TikTok Shop. They mainly work within the beauty industry, and with their combined 20 years of experience in this category, they have had the pleasure of working with brands of all sizes, from startups to established players. Seeing potential in the newly launched tan brand Forever Sundays with their unique brand-first approach, E-commult decided to work with this bold new brand to take their business to the next level.
The first step in this collaboration was to identify a hero product for their campaign, so they agreed on Forever Sundays' new tanning product, Sculptan. The objective of this campaign was to generate organic growth through a multi-tier creator collaboration plan.
E-commsult and Forever Sundays collaborated with up to 100 creators per week across macro, mid, and nano tiers to promote their hero product, 'Sculptan. They leveraged top tier creators for spark ads while having a large number of nano creators make 'review style' content, nudging viewers to try the product with 100's of product reviews and over 4,000 PDP reviews across the range.
In just 14 weeks, E-commsult and Forever Sundays' campaign generated over 6M video impressions and increased their sales by over 700% with more than 10,000 units sold! But that's not all; after six months of working with E-commsult, Forever Sundays is one of the top performing TikTok Shop accounts, making them a star account!
Imran Shezad - Forever Sundays & Archles, Founder/CEO
"Working with E-commsult has catapulted my business. I could not have asked for a better team to work with me on this project and the results speak for themselves. Louis and his team have the experience to drive any business within the cosmetics space."
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