How Rex Brown increased popular drink supplier brand's affiliate sales by over 80% πŸ€‘
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21 May, 2024
TikTok Shop Partners (TSP) Rex Brown and Rex Studios worked with one of the UK's largest drink suppliers to boost their sales volume significantly by leveraging the power of Creators.​
The drinks supplier has evolved into a fun and vibrant drink brand enjoyed by millions of consumers. ​
The brand partnered with TikTok Shop in a strategic move aimed at significantly boosting their sales volume. By harnessing the influential power of Creators on the platform, they sought to engage with a wider audience and create a buzz around their products. ​
This innovative collaboration not only aimed to increase sales but also to enhance brand visibility and appeal to TikTok's active user base.​
They decided to go big with an Open Affiliate Plan, allowing any creators to promote their products. ​
This approach meant they could partner with a diverse group of creators and strategically expand their reach to a broader audience while harnessing TikTok Shop creator communities. ​
Embracing our commission-based model, allowed them to incentivize creators to showcase their products authentically, fostering a mutually advantageous relationship that not only boosted exposure but also generated increased revenue for both parties involved.​
These collabs not only enhanced the brand's market presence but also empowered creators to connect with their audiences in more meaningful ways through LIVEs and engaging Shoppable Videos.​
Leveraging creators resulted in a win-win scenario that amplified brand impact and sales performance across the board including a #1 Viral product!!​
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