Why choose Fulfillment by TikTok Shop (FBT) this Summer Sale?
Fulfilled by TikTok
Summer Sale
22 May, 2024
Summer Sale is calling, and FBT is here to handle your logistics needs while you focus on growing your business with outstanding content. Let's take a look at how FBT benefited Sellers during the Spring Sale and peak season and how easy it is to sign up!​
Here are the top three reasons Sellers turned to FBT during or last Spring Sale:​
  1. Super speedy shipping! πŸš€β€‹
FBT users enjoyed significantly quicker delivery times! In fact, FBT's end-to-end processing was 60% faster compared to non-FBT orders. On average, orders were completed in just 36 hours, ensuring quick and efficient service that kept customers happy! ​
  1. Business growth πŸ“ˆβ€‹
FBT doesn't just offer fast shippingβ€”it can also fuel your business growth! Spring sellers who used FBT experienced a significant increase of up to three times more orders and GMV. FBT allows you to streamline your operations and boost sales, helping your business reach new heights!​
  1. Happier customers πŸ€©β€‹
Experience higher customer satisfaction with FBT! Sellers using FBT saw a dramatic improvement in their logistics performance, with logistics-related complaints nearly cut in half! With FBT, you can have happy customers, smoother transactions, and all-around better vibes! ​
Now let's take a look at how HNB Cosmetics benefited from FBT during Peak Season:​
HNB Cosmetics needed to significantly shorten their E2E lead time, so they turned to FBT, hoping to improve their order fulfillment performance. In just three months, HNB Cosmetics reduced their shipping time by -52% and increased their monthly order volume by +125%! Joining FBT enabled them to scale their business while saving costs and the efforts of managing order fulfillment by themselves.​
Here's what they had to say about their decision to switch to FBT:​
Does this all sound a bit too good to be true? Well, it gets even better because you can get started on FBT in just three easy steps: ​
Step 1: Register for FBT πŸ“β€‹
Step 2: Head over to the FBT Pikpak Portal to set up your inbounding to FBT πŸ“¦β€‹
Step 3: Check out our Merchant Academy to get up to speed and boost your FBT confidence πŸ€“β€‹
Feeling inspired and ready to use FBT this Summer Sale? Get started on FBT today!​
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