How Herbal Dog Co tapped into #PetTok to generate 10K in just one day!πŸ’ΈπŸΎ
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24 May, 2024
The Herbal Dog Co offers a range of handmade pet lotions and potions crafted in England with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in their packaging and range of pet care products. After achieving excellent results on their D2C channels, they aimed to reach the TikTok Shop audience.​
Objective ​
Being experts in natural pet products, including treats, shampoo, and grooming devices, Herbal Dog wanted to tap into TikTok's ever growing pet lover community #PetTok and grow their brand. ​
Herbal Dog partnered with TikTok Shop to develop a comprehensive strategy featuring a combination of Short Videos and live streams (LIVEs). ​
They collaborated with over 2,000 creators through our affiliate program, these creators leveraged their communtites to to introduce Herbal Dog's offerings, creating authentic content that resonated with pet owners. ​
Herbal Dog hosted regular LIVEs, where they showcased their products in detail, answered real-time questions from viewers, creating interactive shopping experiences. These live sessions not only built a direct connection with potential customers but also provided a platform for launching brand-new items, generating excitement and giving advice through Q&A's. The combination of Shoppable Short Videos and interactive LIVEs proved to be a powerful strategy in enhancing their presence on TikTok Shop.​
Results ​
Herbal Dog experienced notable growth across their core products, enabling successful seasonal product drops and a steady increase in organic followers. ​
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