How ASOS launched on TikTok Shop and gained 57% new ASOS customers 🤩
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31 May, 2024
The Objective
ASOS targets the ‘Fashion Loving 20 Somethings’ - a demographic deeply ingrained in TikTok culture. With over 30 million shoppers on ASOS, the fashion destination launched on TikTok Shop with the goal of connecting with the vast #FashionTok community. Their primary target audience was the "Fashion Loving 20 Something."
The Strategy
In the first phase, ASOS collaborated with 30 ASOS Creators and 30 TikTok Creators, working closely with the TikTok Shop enablement team to provide comprehensive creator education and training. This involved detailed sessions on how to effectively use TikTok's tools, optimize content for engagement, and strategically promote products.
They made 85 ASOS Design products available on TikTok Shop, which were promoted by their selected creators through engaging Shoppable Short Videos. These videos showcased the latest fashion trends, unboxings and get ready with me content, creating a buzz around the products and ASOS' arrival on the platform.
After the successful completion of phase one, ASOS transitioned to an open affiliate plan, allowing all eligible TikTok Shop creators to promote ASOS products, significantly broadening the reach and impact of their content strategy. By tapping into a diverse creator pool, ASOS could ensure they were maximising efforts to reach their target audience.
The Results
ASOS exceeded their target of 30% new customer acquisition, with 57% of transactions coming from new ASOS customers. During phase 1 - 45% of these were aged between 18-24.
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