How Swan UK achieved 82% MoM GMV increase by launching affiliate collaborations๐Ÿค
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05 June, 2024
Objective โ€‹
Home appliance and homeware brand Swan UK aimed to boost sales by enhancing their creator collaboration strategy. By partnering with influencers whose audiences matched their target demographic, Swan UK planned to showcase their products in everyday use, highlighting their quality and functionality. They aimed to leverage the creators' communities to generate genuine product endorsements, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.โ€‹
The Strategy โ€‹
Typically, electronics merchants are cautious about supplying samples to creators due to the high Average Order Value (AOV) of their products. However, Swan UK decided to take a bold step tapping into affiliate collaborations to send out samples to a variety of creators. โ€‹
This approach allowed creators to test, use, and showcase Swan UK products in their content, highlighting the quality and usability of the items. By selecting creators with audiences interested in home appliances and homeware, Swan ensured that the product demonstrations would reach potential customers who value quality and practicality in their purchases.โ€‹
The Results โ€‹
By strategically choosing creators who had audiences that align with their target market, Swan UK illustrated the power of authentic creator collaborations in building brand awareness, generating significant growth and driving conversion.โ€‹
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