How PUMA leveraged an affiliate partnership to achieve a 737% GMV increase in ONE week ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ
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10 June, 2024
Background โ€‹
PUMA are in constant pursuit of faster. Through innovative design, iconic footwear and apparel, and authentic partnerships, they aim to always push whatโ€™s next in both sport and culture. That hustlerโ€™s spirit can be felt across PUMA categories, partnerships, offices, and countries. Since launching on TikTok Shop UK, PUMA have been exploring a range of strategies.โ€‹
The Objectiveโ€‹
PUMA participated in our one-week April Deals campaign with the goal of boosting sales and increasing brand awareness. By tapping into our #FashionTok community and fully leveraging the features and capabilities of TikTok Shop, PUMA aimed to connect with a broader audience, engage potential customers, and drive significant sales growth during the campaign period.โ€‹
The Strategyโ€‹
PUMA selected their 'Mayze' trainer as the hero product for the campaign, offering a high volume of this popular style at a discounted price to attract customers and drive sales. โ€‹
They collaborated with TikTok creator @dawnlovex, who had a history of promoting their products. This affiliate partnership played a pivotal role in the campaign, as Dawn went LIVE five times to engage directly with her TikTok community. She showcased the 'Mayze' shoes in real-time, provided detailed product insights, Q&As and creating FOMO around the limited-time offer.โ€‹
Dawn also produced a series of Short Videos before and after her LIVEs to build anticipation in the lead up to the events and maintain engagement afterward. By integrating these Short Videos with her LIVEs, she was able to reach a wider audience, create continuous buzz, and drive sustained interest in the 'Mayze' shoe.โ€‹
The Resultsโ€‹
PUMA experienced an impressive 737% increase in GMV vs the previous week, with 60% of this being generated through affiliate. PUMA has invested in Shop Ads, expanded their product portfolio, and explored further collaborations with creators. Their daily GMV has seen a substantial increase of 182%, reflecting the effectiveness of their strategic efforts on TikTok Shop.โ€‹
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