TikTok Launches an E-commerce Platform for Sellers
TikTok Shop
Seller Center
11 October, 2023
There's a new way to sell online with TikTok Shop. Uncover the power of online selling platforms and the newest addition to Tiktok: TikTok Shop.
With over 1 billion worldwide users, TikTok has launched its newest e-commerce platform in the US, TikTok Shop.
Sellers are able to launch a TikTok Shop store and market their products to one of the largest online selling platforms the world has ever known.
Seeing this opportunity, thousands of businesses are rushing to build a following on TikTok Shop, grow their brand, and sell their products. But what exactly is TikTok Shop?
What is TikTok Shop?
In short, TikTok Shop is an e-commerce platform that businesses can use to market their products, grow their brand, and sell items online directly to TikTok users right within the TikTok app. From initial user engagement to final purchase, TikTok Shop brings a seamless, on-platform shopping experience that can shorten the customer journey and help businesses thrive, all within TikTok.
The new online selling platform comes with a collection of tools known as the TikTok Seller Center.
On this dashboard, you'll have access to:
  • Easy-to-use and effective marketing tools
  • Data & analytics to improve targeting & engagement
  • A choice to use TikTok Shop's Shipping System (TikTok Shop handles everything for you)
And the list goes on...
The Power of TikTok Shop's Advertising Trio
With TikTok Shop, you have access to three advertising methods: Video Shopping Ads, Catalog Listing Ads, and LIVE Shopping Ads.
Each one is unique to themselves, providing you with a potent trio of marketing power. Let's dive in!
Video Shopping Ads
With this option, you can highlight products within your videos, allowing users to simply tap the screen on the shopping cart icon, and purchase your product without ever leaving the platform.
It's a quick, easy, and seamless way to advertise products. It appears organically as content on your For You Page, making it seem less like an ad and more like a natural part of the user's browsing experience.
Catalog Listing Ads
If you lack the time to shoot a video, this is the option for you. With a catalog ad, you combine your channel with TikTok Shop's algorithm.
By doing this, your product listing will be placed directly in front of your target audience, allowing them to view the product images, tap the screen to head to your store, and purchase the item with ease.
LIVE Shopping Ads
With this format, you're selling products in real time to your viewers. Viewers and followers can tune in when you're going live. As you showcase your chosen products, they can add them to their shopping carts AND purchase them without leaving the TikTok Shop platform.
So, Who Can Use TikTok Shop?
There are a few criteria to meet before you can sell on TikTok Shop. Though most of them are fairly easy to accomplish.
Here they are:
  • You must be within the US (You'll need a phone number and email to verify this)
  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You will need a certificate of incorporation for your business, and a US passport/driver's license
5 Ways to Increase Your TikTok Shop Sales
If you're looking to sell stuff online with TikTok Shop, this section is a must-read.
It seems simple to build a catalog and upload video ads. But the magic happens in techniques you use when doing these things.
So before you start, here are 5 ways to improve your results and increase sales:
  • Attractive Photos - First things first, you're images MUST be high-quality and eye-catching. By using top-quality, attractive photos, you'll capture more customers and sales.
  • Catchy Titles - Keep your product titles short and sweet. Catchy, punchy titles get viewers interested and wanting to know more (Note: Remember to keep your titles below 34 characters)
  • Leverage UGC Content - User Generated Content (UGC) is a powerful form of social proof that involves your customers. By incentivizing customers (with rewards, discounts, competitions, etc) to make videos featuring your products, you can increase your organic traffic and sales
  • Stay Relevant - You MUST stay up-to-date with the latest trends. By taking part in viral challenges, hot products, and hashtags, you can keep your store feeling modern and exciting
  • Analyze & Improve - The TikTok Shop Seller Center is an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to track your data and customers' behavior. Use this to track your performance and optimize your ads, listings, and content (Hot Tip: Using customer behavior metrics, you'll have an easier time targeting your ideal customers)
Now, before you can start selling on TikTop Shop, you need to sign up. Here's how!
How to Sign Up to TikTok Shop
Now that you know how powerful TikTok Shop and the TikTok Shop Seller Center are, it's time to sign up and get started.
Here's how to sign up in 3 simple steps:
  1. Go to the official TikTok Shop website here
  1. Sign into an existing TikTok account or create an account (creating an account specifically for TikTok Shop is a great way to separate business use and personal use)
  1. TikTok will ask several questions regarding your use of the platform. Fill them in as accurately as possible, as this is the basis of your business and operations (including shipping, payments, etc)
TikTok Shop is the latest version of online selling platforms.. It's time to get involved
Selling products online has never been easier with TikTok Shop! Now's the best time to start.
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