Success stories on TikTok Shop
Success Stories
21 December, 2023
TikTok Shop US has emerged as the new opportunity for brands looking to connect with younger audiences and grow sales on TikTok directly in a social environment. With TikTok's massive user base and highly engaged community, the platform offers immense potential for driving viral growth.
(Note: The figures above are based on TikTok’s potential advertising reach for users aged 18 and above as of April 2023. This data may not correlate with the platform’s total number of daily or monthly active users.)
In this article, we'll explore how brands across industries are transforming their ecommerce strategy using TikTok Shop. Through examples of success stories in US, we’ll analyze the strategies and results that have made these brands thrive on TikTok’s viral marketplace.
Selling to Millennials and Gen Z on TikTok Shop
TikTok Shop makes it easy for brands to set up a storefront and sell products directly within the TikTok app. This seamless integration allows brands to tap into TikTok's coveted Gen Z and millennial user base.
Since launching in 2022, TikTok Shop has seen tremendous adoption. Top brands are leveraging TikTok Shop and its marketing tools like LIVE streams, affiliate marketing, and in-feed ads to drive product discovery, build credibility and boost sales.
The social shopping experience and influencer collaborations on TikTok Shop effectively capture the platform's community-driven ethos. This allows brands to achieve rapid virality and growth.
Let's look at how three leading brands unlocked success on TikTok Shop through tailored strategies:
  • Viral Marketing Success: SooSlick
SooSlick is a minority women owned fashion brand that sells body shaping shapewear and sculpting products directly to consumers online. As a growing e-commerce business, they sought to efficiently expand their audience reach and drive sales.
SooSlick pursued an authentic, creator-focused marketing approach on TikTok by activating the platform's Shop Affiliate Program. Their initial campaign featured TikTok creators showcasing SooSlick's shapewear in organic, entertaining and educational videos.
This strategic affiliate campaign generated over 200 million video views and kicked off SooSlick's viral success on TikTok Shop. When onboarding to the platform, SooSlick rapidly activated their full catalog of over 50 body sculpting products to accelerate content creation and sales velocity.
Within the first 30 days of launching on TikTok Shop, SooSlick generated over $1 million in incremental sales revenue that was directly attributed to their viral shoppable videos with TikTok creators.
The massive demand spikes from TikTok's engaged audience allowed SooSlick to achieve their highest ever sales volume, revenue and customer reach. SooSlick's partnerships with influencers in the body positivity and fashion sectors proved highly effective at spreading brand awareness and interest. Their success demonstrates the immense potential of TikTok Shop for social commerce.
  • Precision Targeting: SEEQ Supply
SEEQ Supply, founded in 2019, is a direct-to-consumer performance nutrition brand focused on fruit-flavored protein powders for fitness enthusiasts. Although they had strong organic growth, SEEQ wanted to scale quickly beyond their existing audience.
SEEQ leveraged TikTok's Spark Ads to retarget people who engaged with their top performing organic videos and broaden their reach. They uploaded their most engaging product demo videos into the Ads Manager.
Utilizing the Shopify Pixel, SEEQ enabled Value-Based Optimization to ensure their ads targeted users with a higher propensity to spend based on shopping behavior. Interest and behavior targeting helped hone in on relevant demographics like 18+ health-focused males and females.
Within one month, SEEQ gained over 600 additional conversions and 2.5 million ad impressions. Their strategic use of Spark Ads and Value-Based Optimization delivered a 3.6X return on ad spend and 46% lower cost per click.
TikTok Shop's branded solutions rapidly increased their sales and became SEEQ's most cost-effective channel for scaling revenue and product uptake beyond their organic audience.
  • Content Innovation: Zenfulnote
Zenfulnote, founded in 2020, is an ecommerce brand focused on journals for mental health, mindfulness and manifestation. They wanted to educate and engage their community while driving website sales.
Zenfulnote tested out "talking to camera" video formats using viral trends and text overlay captions. They repurposed top performing organic videos as Spark Ads.
Optimizing their TikTok profile with a strong call-to-action driving traffic to their link in bio was key. Integrating with TikTok Shop enabled seamless in-app checkout.
In one month, Zenfulnote gained over 1.7 million organic video views. Their Spark Ads drove 1,400+ website clicks from their TikTok profile at a 2-2.5% CTR, outperforming TikTok's 0.58-0.87% CTR benchmark.
These results helped them gain 75,000+ followers while increasing sales. With a $0.22 CPC, TikTok delivered the most cost-effective results for their ad budget across channels.
Key Takeaways for Brand Success on TikTok Shop
  • Leverage Influencers
The brands partnered with niche influencers to develop engaging content that resonated with target audiences. This built credibility and reach.
  • Repurpose Top Content
Converting high-performing organic videos into Spark Ads allowed wider paid distribution at lower costs per conversion.
  • Precision Targeting
Interest-based targeting and pixels enabled brands to double down on audiences likely to purchase their products.
  • Optimized Calls-to-Action
Clear profile links and on-screen CTAs were key to driving traffic to product pages and converting impressions into sales.
Get Your Brand Growing on TikTok Shop
For forward-thinking brands, TikTok Shop represents the future of social commerce. As these real-world examples showcase, tailored strategies aligned to TikTok's unique audience and platform strengths can unlock tremendous growth.
Converting TikTok's engaged communities into loyal customers will be key to success. Brands need to leverage influencer marketing, viral formats and strategic ads to maximize their reach and ROI.
The time is now to explore how your brand can tap into TikTok Shop's potential to drive awareness and sales. With the right blueprint, your company can join the ranks of brands winning big on TikTok Shop's thriving marketplace.
FAQs About TikTok Shop
  1. Can anyone sell on TikTok Shop?
Yes, anyone can sell on TikTok Shop now. Sign up today!
  1. How much does it cost to sell at TikTok Shop?
There are no fees to list your products on TikTok Shop. Optional paid advertising helps amplify reach and sales. Commissions apply for third-party fulfillment partners.
  1. Is TikTok Shop available worldwide?
TikTok Shop is currently available in select markets including Southeast Asia, the UK, US, Canada and Europe, with more regions coming soon. Learn more.
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