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05 January, 2024
Wondering how you can get free samples of those new, amazing, or viral TikTok products you've been wanting to try? As a content creator on TikTok, you can request and receive samples from sellers who offer them. We make it simple and easy to experience products, then tell your followers what you loved, what you didn't, and why they must get one for themselves.
Why should I request free samples?
Because they're free! Who doesn't love free? Once you find the products you want to try, you'll get to show your followers why they will love them as much as you do. More content also means more views!
But first, a few rules (just a few, we promise!):
  • You must have a minimum of 5,000 followers,
  • Show your followers all about the samples you received in a short-form video that's posted for at least three (3) days or in a LIVE that's up to 10 minutes long.
  • You must post sample content within 14 days of domestic ship date.
Tip: Don't forget to include the product link in your content!
Ready to get your freebies? Here are three ways:
  • Free samples
  • Sample campaigns
  • Sample coupons
You can also read more with our guide on how to use the new Manage samples feature here.
Free Samples
Free samples are just that — a free sample of something you'd like to try from a TikTok Shop. Once you find a product you'd like to check out, go to the product detail page to see if the seller is offering free samples. There will be a banner listed that looks like this:
Click that red button to snap up your freebie, then read more here for all the details.
Sample Campaigns
Sample campaigns are affiliate campaigns promoted across TikTok Shop where you can get lots of free samples, test and review them, then post your video for your followers to see. Once you generate a few sales, you can earn rewards. (Hint: more freebies!)
Example of a sample campaign promotion
Ready to join a sample campaign? Read more here.
Sample Coupons
Sample coupons provide special discounts and deals so you can try out your favorite new products. You can find sample coupons through pop-ups, banners, emails, and in-app notifications. Click on all the coupons you want, pick your products, then get ready to create your content with passion!
An example of a pop-up sample coupon
For more examples and a step-by-step guide of how to use sample coupons, click here.
Note: When you use a sample coupon to purchase a product, you agree to promote that product through a short video or LIVE.