I Never Received My Order, But It Shows Delivered. What Do I Do?
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29 April, 2024
At TikTok Shop, we want you to have the best experience, get your product on time, and enjoy every minute of shopping with us. But sometimes life happens, right?
Make sure your address is accurate and complete before making your purchase. Double check that your apartment or house number is included, and that you've updated every section if you've moved recently.
If the shipped status is updated to "Delivered" and for some reason you didn't receive your order, here are the steps to take to make things right:
  1. Make sure your shipping address was entered correctly in your order. If it's incorrect, the carrier may be able to assist with redirecting your package (go to step 3 for contact information).
  1. Check with people in your household and neighbors to make sure the package wasn't accepted by them.
  1. Look around the delivery location to make sure it wasn't put near the garage, porch, patio, back door, or a side door. The carrier may also be able to provide more information about where the item was delivered.
  1. Check for a notice of attempted delivery or with the shipping carrier in case the package is running late or was accidentally marked "Delivered" but is still on its way. (Note: this list isn't exhaustive.)
  1. If you can't find the item after taking the steps above, make a Return & Refund request within 30 days of the updated "Delivered" status.
  • Go to your Profile.
  • Tap on Your orders.
  • Tap Orders or View all in the Order center.
  • Select the item you didn't receive, then tap on Request return or refund.
  • Scroll to find the reason for your refund request. Choose Package wasn't received, then tap Continue.
  • Submit your request to TikTok Shop Customer Service with the Contact us button.
  • Our Customer Service team will process your request with the seller and do everything we can to make things right.
TikTok Shop reserves the right to determine if the customer is eligible for a refund. All decisions are final and subject to the discretion of TikTok Shop.