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29 April, 2024
Have questions before you're ready to make a purchase? We are here to help! The seller can help you with any questions you have about the products you are interested in. If you have further questions, you can also reach out to TikTok Customer Service.
Ask the seller
For questions on specific items, you can message TikTok Shop sellers directly within the app following the steps below:
  1. Find the shop in the TikTok app. You can do this by clicking on the product you are interested in, then tapping the shop name at the top of the screen.
  1. Tap the Message button next to the seller's name. This will bring you to a chat with the most common FAQs or you can message the seller regarding the products that you are interested in.
Already made a purchase? Find your order, tap the shop name, then tap Message.
Communicate with TikTok Customer Service
For all other questions, you can message TikTok Shop Customer Service. Submit your question by following the steps below:
  1. On the main TikTok Shop page, scroll along the navigation buttons at the top and you'll see the Help button on the far right.
  1. Tap the Help button.
  1. Tap the red Get Help button located at the bottom of the screen. This will pull up FAQs as well as the Contact us button at the bottom where you can send a message to our support team. Note: Some platforms may not have the red Get Help button. Proceed to Step 4.
  1. If you have found your answer in the FAQs, great! If not, you can choose to either Chat with Live Agent or Send message at the bottom of the screen. Note: Some platforms will have these options: Live Chat or Submit a Ticket. Choose either to reach out to TikTok Customer Service for help.
  1. We will look into your question and get back to you as soon as possible!
Note: You must be 18 years or older to make purchases on TikTok Shop.