A shopping experience built for TikTok
TikTok Shop is a completely personalized and fully integrated commerce solution, where sellers authentically connect with creators and communities to drive meaningful shopping experiences.
Discovery and Joy
Entertainment combines with commerce through authentic and relatable content, sparking inspiration that leads to purchase.
Trusted Advocates
TikTok creators bring a fresh take on shopping, helping brands build trust by showcasing products through their content.
Passionate Communities
Brands can develop a lasting relationship with an exploding community of users already talking about your products on TikTok.
Frictionless Checkout
Convenient and trusted, from the For You Page through secure check-out, order management, and support. Less friction makes for a happier purchase.
Scaleable Ecosystems
Support for your business, no matter the size. From logistics to post-sale management, you'll find the tools you need to grow.
Shopping made simple
Powered by TikTok's unique discovery engine, TikTok Shop enables brands and creators to showcase and sell products directly on TikTok, through a suite of in-app shopping touchpoints.
LIVE shopping
Promote, sell and engage with your audience, all in real time.
Shoppable videos
Create entertaining videos with your products just a tap away.
Shop Page
Display your product catalog within your own in-app shop.
Shop Tab
Display your products on a centralized marketplace within TikTok.
TikTok Shop, for you
TikTok Shop for
TikTok Shop enables brands to showcase and sell products for the TikTok community to discover and purchase.
Purchase & Conversion
Integrated in-app checkout means discovery and purchase happens in one place to reduce friction in the buyer's journey.
Campaigns & Promotions
Get access to TikTok Shop's platform campaigns, TikTok Shop Ads, and an extensive selection of promotional tools.
Affiliate for Sellers
Discover, communicate, and collaborate with thousands of creators through our Affiliate Program, directly accessible on TikTok Shop.
Apps & Services
Manage your shop, products, order and fulfillment with diverse integration and service solutions on the TikTok Shop App Store.
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TikTok Shop allows creators to spotlight and promote products they love to their community, and activate new revenue streams.
Quick & Seamless Experience
Browse, select, and add products into short videos and LIVEs to start promoting in just a few taps.
Earning and Growth Opportunities
Get paid commission on your generated sales through our Affiliate Program, directly accessible on TikTok Shop.
Accessible Partnerships with Brands
Develop relationships and commercial collaboration opportunities with brands across all categories.
Access to Top Products
Explore best selling and creator favorites to feature directly in content by browsing the TikTok Shop Product Marketplace.
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TikTok Shop connects partners with sellers, creators, and resources to help them succeed.
Matchmaking with Sellers & Creators
Grow your client base by servicing sellers and creators seeking expert support in commerce & content.
Substantial Training & Resources for Partners
Leverage dedicated training programs to master it all, from the fundamentals, to best practices and beyond.
Incentive Opportunities
Support your business with monetized incentives, unlocking earning potential through a mix of platform support, including ad credit.
Scalable Services
Get access to a mix of technology, resources, logistics services, and payment methods to increase your operational efficiency.
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TikTok Shop inspires shoppers through entertainment, and guides them to discover brands and products they want to see most.
Complete In-App Experience
Shop through LIVEs, engaging in-feed videos, or by tapping the shop icon on a brand or creator profile, and checkout directly within TikTok.
Authentic Recommendations
Discover new brands and products recommended by the TikTok community.
Safe & Seamless Shopping
Shop within a trustworthy and seamless shopping experience that is fun and entertaining, from discovery straight through to secure checkout.
Exclusive Offers
Enjoy the excitement of discovering exclusive products, and amazing deals and promotions.
Start Shopping
of TikTok users discover new brands and products on TikTok1
in 4
TikTok users are likely to buy something while using TikTok2
say that TikTok plays a role in purchase decisions3
Sources: (1) TikTok Marketing Science Global Retail Path to Purchase (US Results) conducted by Material August 2021. (2) TikTok Marketing Science Global Entertainment Study (US Results) conducted by Material, December 2021. (3) Marketing Science EU Holiday Shopping Behavior Research 2020 conducted by Walnut International for TikTok For Business.

Seller success on TikTok Shop

Brandon The Plant Guy

Brandon runs his plant business in his apartment where plant lovers can learn about and purchase plants. He offers LIVE Shopping viewers a valuable Free Gift with any purchase offer, educates how to purchase, and drives urgency by alerting viewers that his ”items sell out quickly, so don’t wait!”

  • >1.5M

    Total LIVE Views Since Launch

  • >15K

    Orders Since Launch

  • >$350K

    LIVE Shopping Sales Since Launch

KimChi Chic Beauty

Over a period of just 3 months, Kimchichic identified and sustained a lucrative content model for their LIVE shopping program, deepened their connection with their community, and offered a new and engaging way for their customers to shop on TikTok.

  • >75x

    GMV uplift from week 1 to peak (90 days)

  • +238%

    Higher average product Click-through-rate

  • +10k

    Followers growth (90 days)


Zuumtech’s TikTok Shop has quickly grown to be their #1 best performing sales channel. TikTok Shop has been instrumental in resolving Zuumtech’s largest hurdle of demonstrating the value and solution of a premium priced item at $225.

  • 7x

    LIVE Shopping GMV increase (45 days)

  • >500K

    Peak total viewers (per Live event)

  • 0 to >20k+

    Follower growth (45 days)

Willow Boutique

Willow Boutique, a Cincinnati-based online clothing boutique, joined TikTok Shop in November of 2022 in an effort to connect and grow their audience. Adopting a consistent LIVE selling strategy, amplified with LIVE Shopping Ads, Willow Boutique has become a top fashion seller in under 1 year.

  • >$500K

    Total GMV (60 days)

  • >$250K

    LIVE Shopping GMV (60 days)

  • >+100K

    Follower growth (60 days)

Soo Slick

Soo Slick, a minority women-owned fashion brand, activated a TikTok Shop Creator Affiliate Open Plan to allow creators to feature products at competitive prices through shoppable content on TikTok. The videos have experienced weekly top performing content success.

  • >$1M

    Creator Affiliate Sales Since Launch

  • >200M

    Affiliate Content Views Since Launch

  • >$50K

    Creator Peak Total Sales (Single Video)


Wyze, a smart home products start-up, has risen to one of the top selling Electronics brands on TikTok by leveraging the TikTok Shop Affiliate plan to allow creators to feature products at competitive prices and boosting content with Shop Ads.

  • >$1M

    Creator Affiliate sales (60 days)

  • >100M

    Content views (60 days)

  • $100K

    Peak total Sales (single video)

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TikTok Shop Academy

TikTok Shop Academy is the central educational hub for sellers and creators to discover tools and best practices to maximize their earning potential on TikTok Shop.

Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program connects creators and sellers through creativity and commission. Sellers can find creators in the Creator Connect portal and pay commission on successful sales, and creators can find products and brands to promote through their content.
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