Connecting creators and sellers through creativity and commission

New marketing channels for brands and new monetization opportunities for creators.

For sellers

Find creators to promote your products—only pay when a sale is made.

For creators

Share products and brands you discover—get paid when viewers buy directly from you.

Affiliate for sellers

  • Connect with the right creators for your brand
  • Stay on top of sales and metrics
  • Commission is automatically paid when a sale is made

Affiliate for Creators

  • Easily find products to sell
  • Recommend products in videos and LIVEs
  • Get paid commission on your sales

Collaborate with creators

Choose whether you want to cast your net wide, or target creators just right for your brand.

Open collaboration

Let all affiliate creators discover and promote your products through open collaboration.

Target collaboration

Work with specific creators that fit your brand through target collaboration.

Join TikTok Shop Affiliate now

  • Step1

    Log in to TikTok Shop Seller Center

  • Step2

    Go to "Affiliate" > "Get Started" in the left-hand menu

  • Step3

    Set up collaborations to reach more buyers

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