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Creator Agency Partner program built for you
Why join the Creator Agency Partner program?
  • Earn agency performance incentives
  • Collaborate with different brands
  • Get direct support from TikTok Shop
  • Ability to launch campaigns and invite sellers and creators to join
  • Access educational material including content best practices and agency-specific events
Why work with a Creator Agency Partner?
  • Amplify your brand's reach
  • Seamlessly collaborate with a network of skilled creators
  • Engage with a diverse audience and drive meaningful business results
  • Navigate the evolving social e-commerce landscape and unlock new opportunities for success
Why work with a Creator Agency Partner?
Connect with Creator Agency Partners to inspire your community and create authentic content around products you love. We have the perfect Creator Agency Partners just for you that unlock opportunities, education, and content development strategies that help you grow as a TikTok Shop creator.
“Connecting with Taboost has allowed me to connect with a community of inspiring creators, receive 1:1 support to resolve issues and unlocked access to amazing events and a creator suite in LA. The support and expertise has truly helped me thrive, and I am so proud to be part of an agency that genuinely cares about the success of their creators!“
- Victoria Prince, @vprincemusic
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Exclusive services that support your success
TikTok Shop Expertise
  • Education on how to start leveraging TikTok Shop
  • Get tips & tricks to expand your reach and convert more customers
  • Benefit from trend, product and brand matchmaking
Creator Management for TikTok Shop
  • Keep up to speed with trends & policy training
  • Enjoy day-to-day management & support for violations
  • Connect with a built-in community of TikTok Shop creators
Content Production
  • Receive best practices for Shoppable Videos & LIVE Shopping
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Gain resource and editing support
  • Content & merchandising strategy personalized to your audience
E-commerce Operations
  • Sample management
  • Performance analysis
Merchant Collaboration
  • Acquire products, discounts and samples through incremental partnership opportunities with merchants
Become a Creator Agency Partner
From talent management companies to traditional e-commerce service providers, all agencies who have a network of creators are invited to apply.
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Agencies will be asked to provide:
  • U.S. Company Registration
  • U.S. business owner's name
  • Experience working with creators and servicing merchants/brands
  • Proof of livestreaming and/or short video content capabilities
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